December 2014

snowmanHappy Holidays to all our ADV students, staff, and families!

We are back from Thanksgiving vacation and getting ready for the wonderful holiday season. We have three weeks packed full of learning and great activities before we go on our winter holiday vacation. Grades close on December 19 for Term 2 – report cards will be sent home January 14.

As I write this, Ms. Rose is getting her dance club students ready for their show on Tuesday December 9. The show will be at 6:30 pm at Dunedin Middle School. Go Dance Club! We loved the "Beauty and the Beast" Drama Club Show which was held on November 20. Congratulations to all of our Drama students and Mrs. Scullion for a wonderful and fun show.

Our annual winter shows are almost upon us! K-2 will present "December Gifts" on Wednesday December 17 and students in 3-5 will present "The 12 Days of Christmas" on Thursday December 18. Both shows will be at 6:30 pm at Dunedin High School. Our PTA will host the annual silent auction at both shows. The Silent Auction is the most important fundraiser for ADV every year. Please consider donating to the classroom baskets or to the general auction. I plan to do most of my Christmas shopping at the Auction!

To help make the shows most successful, there are some special schedule changes for that week. There will be no ELP for K-2 students the day of their show as they will be rehearsing at Dunedin High. They will be dismissed from Dunedin High at 2:45 pm. 3-5 students will be dismissed from school at 3:15 as usual and there will be ELP for 3-5 students. There will be no ELP for 3-5 students on Thursday, the day of their show. They will be dismissed from Dunedin High at 3:15. K-2 students will be dismissed from ADV at 2:45 and there will be ELP for K-2 students that day. Parents will be credited $20/day/child for ELP this week.


Car Circle at Dunedin High – 1651 Pinehurst Rd. Dunedin High students are dismissed at 1:30 pm so there will be no conflict with high school dismissal. The auditorium borders on the bus circle at Dunedin High – Teachers will be bringing out their students to the overhang of the auditorium. Car circle should line up there. Parents - Please make sure that your aftercare van knows when pick-up will be at Dunedin High.

All students must be at Dunedin High School at 6pm on the day of their show. Teachers will be available to help them get ready.

Please review the notice from Ms. Rose about the clothing the students are to wear to the show.

"It's important that students be dressed according to the guidelines so that they can easily put on their costumes. Also please refrain from adding additional items to your child's look – do NOT wear glitter in your hair or on your face, jewelry, fake tattoos, stamps or additional hair pieces to the show. Any additional hair pieces or jewelry will be removed upon arrival. Matching bows/hairpieces are often part of the costume to help create a unified look and will be supplied by the school. Applying make up to your child is encouraged to help enhance their features under the harsh stage lighting. Stay away from unnatural colors and stick with browns for eyes, skin tone complimentary blush and deep pinks/reds for lips. Boys are not required to wear makeup."

I know this seems like a lot of information! Thanks for all you do for our school and we wish you all a wonderful holiday season. See you at the show!

Thank you ! Lucy Foran, Principal



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