4th and 5th Grade Technology Elective

Technology class is for those who love technology! Students will be introduced to computers, computer safety, learn basic keyboarding, explore the use of graphic organizers, work with programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel and learn how to do basic coding. Students will use both laptops and iPads in their exploration. A $25 lab fee is required for this elective.

6th Grade Technology Elective

Are you interested in learning more about technology? Technology Elective covers digital citizenship, digital literacy, online communication, software, hardware, coding, and so much more. This class is a per-requisite and lays the groundwork for growth and progress toward potential MOS certifications. The focus of this class is to develop basic skills, vocabulary and proficiency of use. Students will have access to and use both PCs and iPads during this class. $25 lab fee required.

7th Grade Technology Elective

This elective course explores more intensely the world of digital literacy and citizenship. Students will learn to use the tools of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint more acutely. This project based class will help students enhance their online communication while developing life-long skills for the workplace. Students will have access to Microsoft 365 to complete work, some of which is required at home. Course placement is for students on the Technology track who would like to work toward a potential MOS certification. $25 lab fee required.


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