Academie Da Vinci’s Standard Student Attire Policy was established to eliminate distractions, promote a positive learning environment, and help students take the work of school seriously.

Standard Student Attire -- Dress Code


On non-dance days, every student must wear khaki, denim or navy bottoms that are clean, ironed, free of holes, with no sequins, logos or frays. Bottoms include: Bermuda length shorts (mid-thigh or longer), pants, capris, jumpers, skorts, skirts (khaki or navy) with shorts attached, and polo dresses. All skirts and dresses must be knee length and shorts/leggings (black or white) will be worn underneath. Pants/shorts must be worn above the hips, and no underclothes may be visible. Solid colored (black or white only) leggings are allowed under clothes. Shorts (mid-thigh or longer) that are navy or Khaki colors may be worn over leggings. Bottoms may be purchased from the iUniforms site or any other store. No logos are allowed on bottoms.


On non-dance days, all students must wear collared golf-style shirts (polo shirts). White dress shirts/blouses or the uniform polo may be worn under a jumper. All polo shirts must be purchased from the school’s vendor iUniforms. Polos are available with the school logo from the iUniforms site in dark blue, red, light blue, purple and pink. Parents order directly from the iUniforms site and clothing is shipped directly to your home. School logo polos are required. Academie Da Vinci Dolphin Logo T shirts (purple or green...grey t-shirts are for 6th grade P.E. class only), also on sale at the iUniforms site, may be worn on Fridays and for other special events (field day, etc. that will be announced).


Sneakers with socks must be worn at all times (except when on the dance floor). No other shoes or boots are allowed. Sneakers must have laces or Velcro closures, no slip-ons are allowed. Dress shoes are appropriate for a few special occasions which will be announced (field trips, picture day, etc.). Not allowed: Knee-high sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, boots, boat shoes, “Maryjanes”, and “Heelys”.

Dance Dress Code

Please see the separate Dance Dress Code.  If students wish to wear a T shirt over their leotard they may wear the new Academie Da Vinci dolphin logo T shorts available from iUniforms.

Revised July 2016


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