Car Circle Directions

This policy is also described in the Car Circle handout.

Arrival and Drop Off

  • Daily arrival time is between 8:10 am and 8:29 am.  School starts prompty at 8:30am.
  • Students arriving before 8:10 must remain in their family car until welcomed in by the staff at 8:10 or report to the Extended Learning Program (ELP) and pay for those services.
  • When arriving at 8:10 am or later, students will be helped from their car by staff or safety patrol.  Only school staff may open car doors.  As students move from the car, they will be escorted by the car circle staff to the sidewalk.  From there, each student will go directly to the school cafeteria -- the supervised gathering area until they report to their classroom at 8:30.
  • Each student MUST wait for a staff member to open the car door.  Parents/children do NOT open doors or exit vehicles in the car circle.
  • Cars entering the car circle MUST enter from the north entrance and follow the path illustrated below:


Dismissal and Pickup

  • Kindergartners through Second Graders will be dismissed at 3:00pm
  • Third Graders through Fifth Graders will be dismissed at 3:15pm.  Parents of 3rd through 5th graders arriving before 3:00 will be asked to leave the car circle and return at the correct time. Parents with children in both age groups (younger and older pickups) should plan to arrive during at 3:15.
  • No one, including parents, are allowed to enter classrooms or be on campus after school unless they have an appointment and sign in through the office.
  • Students will be released only to their legal guardians or those individuals listed on the emergency contact form.  We insist families keep that data up to date.
  • As parents arrive in the car circle for pickup, children will be escorted to their car by the teacher on duty.  PARENTS MUST REMAIN IN THEIR CARS!
  • Only students supervised by staff in an after-school activity are to be on school grounds after school hours.
  • All students who have not been picked up by 3:30pm will be sent to the afternoon Extended Learning Program (ELP).  The family must then make arrangements to pay the ELP staff for the time their child was supervised.  Delays by parents at pickup time can be quite stressful for young children; knowing as soon as possible that they should report to the ELP makes the afternoon more routine and predictable for the child.  Delayed parents should call the school as soon as possible and request their child be sent to ELP.
  • Students scheduled for the afternoon ELP MUST report there immediately at dismissal and be counted in roll call.
  • If a student is going home with another family, the office MUST BE NOTIFIED IN WRITING no later than the morning of the pickup day.  Be sure to include the name of the pickup person and please date the permission note.


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