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Wear your favorite character shirt to school. Mickey, Batman, or Peppa Pig. Whoever you choose, they must represent good character in the shows or movies they are on. Bottoms must be Pinellas County Dress Code approved. NO COSTUMES PLEASE!

September 27th- CITIZENSHIP DAY-

Let’s recognize those people that help to make us better citizens by their work in the school, community and country. Will you dress as a firefighter, teacher, or in camo to support our military. The choice is up to you. Bottoms must be Pinellas County Dress Code approved. NO COSTUMES PLEASE!

October 18th-TOLERANCE DAY-

Write a paragraph, color a picture, or BOTH to explain why tolerance is needed throughout the ADV community, Pinellas County, Florida, the US and Around the World. Submit it to your teacher by the end of the school day.

October 24th-31st-


Monday, 10/24- Head to Toe You’re Drug Free- Wear your favorite socks and hat to show you will sock it to drugs if ever pressured to use them.

Tuesday, 10/25- Wake Up Drug Free- Pajama Day showing every morning you a drug free and happy!!

Wednesday, 10/26- Team Up Against Drugs- Sport your favorite sports gear showing your support of favorite team as well as being drug free.

Thursday, 10/27- Proud to Be Drug Free- Wear as much red as you can to school making a statement that you’re proud to be drug free!

Friday, 10/28- Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Drugs- Find a twin or triplet to show that you will encourage each other to always stay clear of drugs and the pressure to use them.

Monday, 10/31- Drugs are TRICK not a TREAT- Wear your Halloween costume to school and have a very safe Halloween night!!

November 15th-PATRIOTISM DAY-

Let’s demonstrate our allegiance to our country by wearing the colors of the flag!!

December 13th-CHARITY DAY-

Bring in a toy to share with those who may not have many or any of their own this holiday season. Toys should be able to fit in a grocery bag and cost less than $10. Gift cards will be accepted for the middle school children.

**The monthly dress up days and activities are designed to promote Academie DaVinci’s and Pinellas County Schools Commitment to Character. Each character trait will be discussed and promoted throughout the month, so our students and staff know at ADV Character Counts!!! However, students are not required to participate in the dress out days. If they choose not to participate, the regular school uniform should be worn.



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