Middle School Dance Elective Field Trip to Gibb High School

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Dancers must arrive to school between 7 and 7:20am to load into cars and take attendance. We leave exactly at 7:30am to get to Gibbs High School by 8:30am for check-in. We leave Gibbs High School at 2:15pm and will be back at ADV by 3pm for their final class that day.

What does my child need to bring?

Bagged lunch from home (since we are leaving school before our lunch lady gets here, no lunch will be provided this day)
Small bag/backpack (and I mean small enough for their water and dance shoes only, small)
One pair of dance shoes (it does not matter what dance shoes they bring; jazz or ballet, No Turners as long as they have shoes they are good to go)
What does my child need to wear?

Black, short sleeved leotard
Black leggings
Black short sleeved t-shirt to go over leotard (yes this is required since they are going onto another campus)
Tennis shoes
Hair in a ponytail or bun (make sure that it is secure)
Cell Phones:

Students will be allowed to have their cell phones with them in the car ONLY. When we get to Gibbs High School, they will all come to me, placed in a bag and placed in my car. Or they may leave them in their lockers at ADV where we know it will not be an issue (this is a smarter option anyways since it is a school rule that cell phones are not allowed)

If I see any cell phone out during class, at lunch or during the campus tour, their phone will become mine and they will be asked to sit out for the rest of the day and will be given an alternate assignment. We are guests on another school’s campus, we are there to learn not take selfies.


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