Breakfast and Lunch


11:25 - 11:55  K-2 South Building

11:51 - 12:21 5-6 North Building

12:15 - 12:45 3-4 South Building

12:44 - 1:14 7-8 North Building


 2022 - 2023 School Lunch and Breakfast:
· School Breakfast will continue to be free of charge for any student that chooses to eat breakfast.
· New 2022/2023: School Lunches are $2.25 per day. If you want to apply to see if you qualify for Free/Reduced lunches, please see link below. Families who qualify for Free OR Reduced lunches will both be FREE of charge. Please do this at least one week prior to the start of school to avoid any unnecessary charges.
· IF YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR LUNCHES THIS YEAR: Please visit to create your online account. This is your convenient and easy way to pay for your child’s lunches. Register now and get your account set up early! You can view your child’s meal activity and replenish your account anytime – paying for one week or one month at a time…it’s up to you! You will need your child’s Student ID to register, which you can find in the pcsb parent portal (FOCUS) or on their report cards.
· Menus will be printed monthly and will be posted on our website as we receive them. Contact Missy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any further questions.


How do I order breakfast or lunch?

Use this ordering form or go to the front desk at school to get the ordering form.  This form MUST be turned in weekly by 9:00am Monday morning to ensure your child has breakfast and/or lunch for the entire week.  Students that do not have these forms turned in by Monday won't be able to participate in the breakfast/lunch program for that week.  

Please Note: Not turning in forms contributes to inaccuracies in our audited lunch count.

What is the Menu?

The lunch menu changes monthly.  We post the menu on the website as soon as we receive it from Dunedin High School.

What's the cost?

Breakfast is free for anyone who orders it.  Hot lunch is $2.25.  You may be able to qualify for free lunch.  If you think this applies to you, fill out an application online.   

How do I pay for breakfast?

You don't. It's free!!

How do I pay for lunch? please create an account online. 

Please note that lunch order forms need to be completed weekly and turned in on Mondays before 9am. Lunch forms are available on the ADV website. Please do not order lunches if you know your child will bring a lunch from home on a given day. Academie Da Vinci must pay a premium for lunches that are ordered and not taken by the student.

If you order lunch and do not pay you will be billed by Academie Da Vinci.

When is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served at 8:00 am for before-care students & 8:15 am for other elementary students.  Students should be done eating and cleaned up by 8:25 am to begin school. So, please plan your drop off accordingly. Middle schoolers are welcome at 8:35. 

Do I have to fill out a form every week if my child receives free lunch?

Yes!  If you do not return a lunch form by 9:00am each Monday, the school will assume that you have forfeited your free lunches for that week.



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